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Texas Rangers Desktop Background

In this update you can see great Texas Rangers desktop background. If you are Ranger’s fan check out this great wallpaper. Come back for more or check out our Texas Ranger’s category.

Name: Texas Rangers desktop background
Size: 259 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Where I can find cheap Wilson baseball gloves?

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Philadelphia Phillies Desktop Background

For today’s update we have really Philadelphia Phillies desktop background. This is our work so you can use it for free. Enjoy!

Name: Philadelphia Phillies Desktop Background
Size: 256 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

New York Yankees Desktop Background

Another New York Yankees high quality wallpaper ready for your desktop. Check out this great background and download it for free.

Name: New York Yankees desktop background
Size: 278 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Los Angeles Dodgers Desktop Background

For LA Dodgers fan’s great desktop background with Los Angeles Dodgers logo. Enjoy!

Name: Los Angeles Dodgers desktop background
Size: 276 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Dustin Pedroia Desktop Background

Free desktop background with great player Dustin Pedroia. Check it out and downlad it for free.

Name: Dustin Pedroia desktop background
Size: 322 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Yunel Escobar Wallpaper

Today we have formem Atlanta Braves shortstop Yunel Escobar. Now he plays for Toronto Blue Jays but here you can see him in Braves jersey. He played for Blue Jays since 2010. season. Check out this great free baseball wallpaper with Yunel Escobar.

Size: 345 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Ted Williams Wallpaper

Theodore Samuel Ted Williams is a former MLB player. You also know him as The Kid, The Thumper and Teddy Ballgame. He played 21 seasons with the Boston Red Sox and from 1969–1972 he managed Washington Senators (Texas Rangers). Download this free Ted Williams wallpaper.

Name: Ted Williams wallpaper
Size: 207 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Tampa Bay Devil Rays Mascot Wallpaper

We found this great wallpaper with Tampa Bay Rays mascot Raymond. Raymond is a blue creature with baseball cap and big sneakers. Check out this great Ray’s mascot wallpaper and use it for your desktop. No charge. Free. :)

Name: Tampa Bay Devil Rays mascot wallpaper
Size: 325 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Sandy Koufax Wallpaper

For todays update we have baseball legend Sanford Sandy Koufax. Sandy is former MLB pitcher and his entire career he played for Los Angeles Dodgers (in his time Brooklyn Dodgers). He is in Baseball Hall of Fame since 1972. and he is a youngest MLB player which receive that honor.

Name: Sandy Koufax wallpaper
Size: 316 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Philadelphia Phillies Mascot Phanatic Wallpaper

We added few baseball mascots these days so today we have Philadelphia Phillies mascot – Phanatic. Phanatis is fat green creature with a cylindrical beak which tongue can sticks out. Check out this great wallpaper.

Mr Met Wallpaper

For New York Mets fan’s we have his favorite mascot wallpaper, check out Mr. Met at this image! Mr. Met proudly can say that hi is in Mascot Hall of Fame since 2007. so if you like this image use it for your desktop.

Name: Mr Met wallpaper
Size: 287 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Mariano Rivera Wallpaper

Mariano Rivera aka Mo Rivera is a former MLB pitcher and he spent his entire career playing for New York Yankees so because that he received a place in our Hall of Fame category. Check out this great, free baseball wallpaper.

Name: Mariano Rivera wallpaper
Size: 338 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200

Kansas City Royals Mascot Sluggerrr Wallpaper

For Kansas City Royals we have wallpaper with Sluggerrr, Royals mascot since 1996. Sluggerrr is crown-wearing lion and word slugger also refers to a powerful batter with a high percentage of extra base hits.

John Smoltz Wallpaper

For today we have wallpaper with former MLB pitcher Johnathan John Smoltz, you can see him in Atlanta Braves jersey when he played for that team back in 2008. After Braves he played also for Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.

Name: John Smoltz wallpaper
Size: 467 KB
Resolution: 1600×1200